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     Search the 'University of Pardubice's 'Discovery System' collections. Includes:

  • subscription resources available to the University (articles, conference proceedings, e-books)

  • books and journals on the University Library’s shelves

  • holdings from the University's Digital Library (includes theses and other publications)

Tools for working with e-periodicals and articles:

  • eResources Portal  - access point for searching electronic journals or e-books. You can find if the specific electronic journal (e-book) is available or not

  • For direct access to specific articles use the Citation Linker (360 Link)

Remote access:

  • to access full texts from outside of the University's network you must connect to the University's VPN network using Cisco's Terminal Server

  • VPN connection guide (available only in Czech, ask librarian for help)

  • Terminal Server settings guide (available only in Czech, ask librarian for help)


Member of CzechELib - National Centre for Electronic Information Resources


Alphabetized list of e-resources

Name of e-resource Remote access link Brief description

American Chemical Society

Shibboleth login

electronic journals library



Czech legal research database - available only via terminal server

ČSN normy online


Czech technical standards (PC No. 13 - study room in the 1st floor of the library)


Shibboleth login

multidisciplinary full text database

Ebook Central (ProQuest)

Shibboleth login

online e-books

Encyclopaedia Britannica


electronic encyclopedia

Environmental Modeling...


e-book by authors from the Faculty of Economics and Administration (sustainable development)

InCites Shibboleth login analytical tool

IoP Science

Shibboleth login

Institut of Physics electronic journals library

Journal Citation Reports

Shibboleth login

impact factor of the Web of Science journals

Journal of Print and Media Technology Research   journal published by iarigai (The International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries)  - password for access to last 2 issues: iarigai_jpmtr_web


Shibboleth login

electronic journals archive (humanities and social sciences, general and health sciences)


Shibboleth login

e-books (engineering)

Lingea Lexicon 7


English-Czech and German-Czech dictionaries - available only via terminal server



European digital library of written cultural heritage



database of dangerous substances

Merck Index Online

Shibboleth login

encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs and biologicals

Oxford Handbooks Online

  subscribed collections: Economics and Finance and Political Science

Ovid EMCARE& Ovid MEDLINE & Ovid NURSING Full Text+

Shibboleth login

nursing & allied health research databases



learning application   - available only via terminal server

ProQuest Central

Shibboleth login

multidisciplinary full text database


Shibboleth login

platform for chemistry databases Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Database

Royal Society of Chemistry

Shibboleth login

electronic journals library

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

Shibboleth login

electronic journals library



electronic version of the Chemical Abstracts

SciVal   analytical tool


Scopus Journal Metrics

Shibboleth login


citation database

impact metrics for Scopus journals


Shibboleth login

electronic journals and books library

SpringerLink Chemistry and Materials Science

Shibboleth login

journal backfiles collection

SpringerLink Computer Science Library

Shibboleth login

computer science e-books collections

SpringerLink Lecture Notes in Mathematics

Shibboleth login

mathematics e-books collections

Studies in Conservation


peer-reviewed journal for the conservation of historic and artistic works

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae


digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era



transport bibliographic database

Web of Science

+ Journal Citation Reports

Shibboleth login pro WoS

Shibboleth login pro JCR

citation database

Wiley Online Library

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electronic journals library

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