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Is the directive No. 7/2019 available in English?

Yes, see Directive No. 7/2019 Rules for Submission, Publication and Layout of Theses

I need to have a look at a bachelor (diploma) theses, is it possible?
It is possible to search all the defended works from the year 1992 in the Digital Library of the UPa. The full version of the text is also attached to some of them; this is possible to open it in accordance with its copyright law. The printed versions are also available in the study room on the 1st floor (to find it you need to know the signature which is recorded in each entry). The theses defended at The Faculty of Restoration are available in the library branch in the town of Litomyšl.

May I check a thesis out?
No, you cannot, the theses are part of the reference collection and cannot be checked out.

How shall I, in my thesis, cite the used sources of information?
Citation must abide the standart specification ČSN ISO 690.

Further aids and instructions:
The automatic citation generator including all the important information

How can I convert my thesis into a PDF/A format?
We recommend you to use Adobe Acrobat Professional (available on all computers in the library) or MS OFFICE WORD 2007(2010) (instructions for convertion: via Adobe Acrobat, via Word).

How can I save the scanned submission of my thesis into the electronic version?
It is needed to save separately the pages that go before the title page. With help of Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional you will then combine the particular files into just one PDF according to these instructions.

What shall I do in case my thesis exceeds 50 MB and therefore it is not possible to insert it into STAG?
In most cases, such a situation is  related to big picture supplements. We recommend you to try to reduce the size of the pictures to the size less than 50 MB. If the work is still bigger than the recommended size, it is needed to divide it into two files this way: insert the text part into STAG and hand the supplements on CD over together with the printed version. You will also state the title of this file with the suplement in the Copyright Agreement. The supplements will be attached to the entry in the Digital Library of the UPa by the library.

How shall I fill in the field „The Extend of Work“ in STAG?
Always write the last numbered page; this means the numbers stated in the work are always directive.
Examples of glossary:
56 p. (there is just one page numbering in the work)
xi, 82 p. (the introductory pages are numbered by Roman digits that are followed by 82 pages of text)
44 p. 5 p. pict.suppl. (the work contains 44 text pages, and 5 seperately numbered pages of the picture supplements which are bounded into the work).