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Open access means immediate free online access to the scientific results of publicly funded science and research: peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, proceedings, monographs or datasets. 

Characteristics of open access: 

  • immediate: access to the scientific result should be provided no later than the moment it is published; 
  • free of charge: available free of charge to end-users; 
  • free: the result should not be available only for reading but should be published so that it can be reused;
  • permanent: access should be secured in the long term, and results must be archived. 

There are different models of open access publishing and publishers most often use one or more of these three models:

  1. the Green OA model (depositing the article in a repository),
  2. the Gold OA model (publishing in an open or hybrid journal, there is a fee for opening an article),
  3. the Diamond (Platinum) OA model (publishing in an open journal, free of charge).

How can help University Library? 

  • provide information about open access
  • recommend open access journals in your field
  • check the reputation and validity open access journal or conference (avoid publishing in the predatory journals)
  • convey the storage of the article in a repository (The Digital Library of the University of Pardubice)

Contact person in the University Library is: 

Mgr. Veronika Kolínová
Rectorate and University Units

Image: Open Access Type by J. Murrey Atkins Library at UNC Charlotte (CC BY)

Logo OA: Logo OA: "Open Access logo" by MikeAMorrison is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.