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I have forgotten to return books; how much will I have to pay?
The fee for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reminders sent by post is 20 CZK. For the 4th reminder, which is sent by registered post, the fee of 100 CZK.
The late fee is 3 CZK per document per work day.

Is the late fee charged for every day even if the library is closed?
Yes, the fee is charged even if the library is closed. You can return books when the library is closed, just drop them in the book drop, marked 'bibliobox', located in front of the library, or mail them to us via Czech Post.

What are the fees for lost items?
The basic fee is the original price of the document plus 50 CZK.

Can I pay my library fees by direct-deposit?
Yes. You can make payments to the University Library via account No. 37030561/0100, external symbol 93630 (variabilní symbol 93630).
Be sure to include your name with the payment.