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Come and borrow textbooks or monographs. Sit back and read a newspaper or journals. Make arrangements with classmates and use our study rooms for tutoring or project preparation. Write your term paper in a quiet place. Scan an entire book quickly, copy lecture notes. Or just come and relax...
We'd love to see you.

  • The first time you visit the library, you present your student/employee card at the loan desk and sign a declaration.
  • Registration is free of charge for students and university staff. It is valid for the academic year.
  • We will communicate with you exclusively via the university e-mail.
  • Look for books in the library catalogue ( and note the call number and shelf number.  
  • You can borrow books at the self-service lending facility, so-called self-check.
  • You can borrow up to 20 books (more details). 
  • Please note that you cannot borrow documents that are stored on the 1st floor. Study them directly in the library or scan or copy them. 
  • You will find the textbooks on the right of the ground floor, look for the red signs on the shelves.
  • For books from the stack room or from the Faculty of Restoration in Litomyšl, ask the librarians at the loan desk.
  • The basic loan period is 1 month
  • You can renew your loan by 31 days and do so not more than twice.
  • You can renew your loans by logging into your account in the library catalogue (
  • You can only reserve the borrowed books. As with renewals, you must do this by logging into your account in the library catalogue (
  • You will receive a message in your university e-mail when the book is ready for collection.
  • Pick up your reservation within 7 days.
  • The reservation is free of charge. However, if you do not pick up the reserved book, you will be charged a fee of CZK 10.
  • Return the borrowed books at the loan desk.
  • When the library is closed, return the books to the bibliobox located at the entrance to the library.
  • If you do not return the books on time, you will be charged a late fee of 3 CZK/day for each book. You will receive a reminder notification on your university e-mail.
  • You can pay fines in cash, by credit card or online payment in your online catalogue account (
  • Scanning is free of charge. For scanning books we recommend the book scanners on the 1st floor. Bring your own USB flash drive. 
  • For printing or photocopying you must place your student card with a sufficient amount of money to the SafeQ scanner of the printer/photocopier.
  • You can insert the amount of money into your card at the information desk on the 1st floor (minimum amount of money is CZK 100). After graduation, we will refund any unused money. 
  • Instructions and price list
  • There are 3 group study rooms equipped with whiteboards in the library.
  • You can use them for group studying, tutoring or working on projects.
  • You can also book two of them (placed on the 1st floor) in advance.
  • We will lend you the whiteboard markers for free.
  • You can find more resources for studying (e-articles, e-books) via the Primo search engine (
  • The bibliographic manager CitacePRO ( makes it easier for you to work with citations in term papers and theses.
  • We will generate a new password for your NetID account at the information desk on the 1st floor.
  • You can also charge your mobile phone or tablet in the library. 
  • You can order documents that you cannot find here via the Interlibrary Loan Service (ILS). 
  • For instructions on how to connect to wi-fi, please visit
  • Sharing and storing large files


  • You need an ID/passport to register. After paying a fee of 120 CZK, you will receive a so-called joint card, which entitles you to use our services and the services of the Regional Library in Pardubice. Registration is valid for one year. For the next period, you must renew your registration by visiting the library in person (and pay the fee for the next period).
  • As a UPCE graduate, you can use our services on the basis of a Graduate Card issued after prior registration in the graduate programme of the University of Pardubice. Registration is free of charge and valid for one year. For the next period, you must renew your registration by visiting the library in person.
  • As a registered reader, you can also use the services of both faculty branches of the University Library (at the FR and FHS).


  • As a public reader (category V) you can borrow a maximum of 10 loans.
  • As a alumni user (category AB) you can borrow a maximum of 15 loans.

Printing and photocopying

  • Prices are the same as for students. You obtain a chip card at the information desk on the 1st floor. You will pay in cash.

Internet and wi-fi

  • There are 3 PCs reserved for public users in the computer room on the 1st floor of the library.
  • Unfortunately, neither public nor alumni users can connect to the Eduroam wi-fi network.