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Can I use the University Library services even if I am not a registered user and do not want to become a registered user?
Yes, you can. You must pay an entrance fee of 50 CZK, which allows you access to the library for the whole day. Similar policies exist for our branch libraries.

Can I become a user of the library even if I am neither a student nor an employee?
Yes, simply register in the University Library. To register bring 1 passport sized photo, a valid state-issued ID and pay the annual registration fee of 150 CZK. After registering you will get a regional library card which allows you to enter, and use, the services of both the University Library and also the Regional Library of Pardubice.

If I am a student of the University, must I pay for registration in the University Library?
No, students are automatically registered into the University Library for free.

As a user of the University Library, can I use of the library branch in Litomyšl?
Yes. In the Litomyšl branch library, you have the same rights and obligations as at all branchs within the University Library system. This includes the Faculty of Health Studies in Černá za Bory branch and the Faculty of Restoration in Litomyšl branch.