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The library owns more than 205.000 volumes of books, 70.000 out of those are placed in the self-access library area. The library subscribes to 702 Czech and foreign journals (printed and electronic versions). There were more than 7.360 users registered in the library at the end of 2014. More than 800 users visited the library on a daily basis. 68.000 is the number of first loans, 52.000 loans were prolonged.
Being in operation for 18 years, the library has developed and modernised its services. 23 bibliographic and full text databases are available, there are tens of electronic books in the funds and the library also subscribes to electronic periodicals – see Electronic information resources. The library users can take advantage of 30 places in the PC study rooms, a multimedia PC, two book scanners, one scanner, three coloured printers and one photocopier. In the audio visual study room they can study various DVD tutorials (e.g. math and languages). The whole library has a building-wide wireless Internet access. In 2010, the library started using a new library system KPwinSQL, which was upgraded to Verbis system in the summer of 2012. The library catalogue allows simple and advanced search in the library funds.
Digital Library od the University of Pardubice, which has been in operation since 2008, opens up the final university students´ theses using a web interface. Since 2009, it has been opened via protocol OAI-PHM for metadata harvesting and registered in the international repositories ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) and OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Access Repositories). The Digital Library contained 26.695 entries (in September 2015), half of which full texts were attached to. The records of final academic theses represent 92% of all the entries. Bibliographic records of journal articles published in Scientific Paper of the University of Pardubice from 1998 have been imported into the Digital Library too. To the articles published from 2000 are mostly full texts attached. Records and full text articles from other University of Pardubice publications, e.g. Theatrum Historiae, Pardubické bienále, Pantheon, Veřejná správa, are inserted manually. In 2010 the number of documents published by the University of Pardubice with full texts available in the Digital Library increased. These are primarily conference proceedings, e.g. Aktuální otázky sociální politiky, International Scientific Conference, Krizový management.
Testing insertion of publications of the academic staff including full text according the open access rules using Creative Commons license was launched in 2009. In 2010, the Digital Library was included into the world ranking of institutional repositories Top Institutional Repositories and reached 525th position out of 800 (August 2015: 193rd out of 2.188). Involvement of the repository into the European context was the main success in 2012. The content of the Digital Library is being harvested by DRIVER and openAIRE portals, which gather the results of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. By inserting the output from this programme into the DL, the author meets the duty of publishing his/her results and the record is harvested automatically by openAIRE portal. During 2012, the new user interface XMLUI was tested. The transition was planned for the summer of 2013.
On October 1st 2012, the university library put into operation the search engine of a new generation, so called discovery system Primo. This is a uniform interface designed for searching information sources that the library has purchased and subscribed to. After entering the enquiry into the search field, the user gets not only a set of relevant links to the subscribed electronic information sources (e.g. Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, Springer Link, Wiley Online Library, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, JSTOR, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Emerald, Institute of Physics) but also library´s own documents, i.e. books and journals on the University Library shelves or final university students´ theses recorded in the Digital Library.

In summer 2014, implementation of self-check RFID technology was carried out. About 60.000 documents placed in the self-access area and reference collection were equipped with RFID tags in summer 2014. The new security gates and two self-check stations in the area of the circulation desk were installed.
The University Library of the University of Pardubice meets the requirements of an information institution in the third millennium and represents a convenient facility for academic scientific and educational activities.
For further details about the University Library refer to Annual Reports (only in Czech).