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Open science at UPCE is conceived as a system aimed at transparent and, as far as possible, unrestricted dissemination of the results of scientific, research and other creative activities. The University od Pardubice is committed to the principle of "as open as possible, as closed as necessary".

The system of open science at UPCE is defined in accordance with national legal acts, European Union documents and recommendations of international organisations.
These include:

Strengthening the principles of open science is one of the strategic priorities of UPCE expressed in Priority 2: High-standard and respected scientific research and creative activities (see Strategic Plan of the UPCE). Activities defined to strengthen the principles of open science:

  1. Taking into account the nature of scientific research, creative activities and industry practices, formulating a framework, strategy and tools for fulfilling the principles of open science “Open Access” and for fulfilling “Open Science 2.0” in accordance with the science policy of the Czech Republic. Setting the methodology for determining the share of R&D&I results published in the “Open Access” mode.
  2. Raising the awareness among the general and professional public, partners and application practice of R&D&I activities, the latest knowledge, scientific results and the societal contribution of scientific research and creative activities of the University workplaces. Support for openness, popularisation and promotion of the achieved results in basic and applied research and support for improving the system of offering our services to the public.

Important documents on the basis of which the system of open science at UPCE is developed and promoted:

  1. The Strategic Plan of the University of Pardubice
  2. Implementation Schedule of the Strategic Plan 2021
  3. Code of Good Research Practice
  4. Directive No. 3/2019 Registration of the results of creative activities of the University of Pardubice employees and students in the internal information system OBD (only in Czech)
  5. Open Science System at the University of Pardubice


UPCE Digital Library

  • institutional repository (DSpace ver. 6.4)
  • Green OA fulfilment tool (auto-archiving)
  • documents are associated with the HANDLE identifier
  • contact person: Veronika Kolínová

Open Journal Systems

  • open source software for managing peer-reviewed journals
  • single installation for all journals on UPCE

Data Stewardship Wizard

Image: "Open Science" by Open Science is licensed under CC BY 2.0.