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Login for students

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What is my Login and Password into the My account section of the University Library's catalog?
What is my login/password for logging into SafeQ (printing/copying account)?
Your login (so called NetID) is marked on your Student ID card, below your name.
There are three offices where you can obtain your password:
1) the information desk on the 1st floor in the University Library,
2) the Copy Center at the Transport Faculty (building DB),
3) the Card Center on the ground floor in the Rectorate building.

Is it possible to have my login and password sent to me by e-mail?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Passwords can be generated from verified location, in person. You must have your Student ID card with you. The passwords are generated at the following offices: the library's information desk (located on the first floor), the Copy Center (located in building DB behind room B1), the Card Center (ground floor of the Rectorate building).