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When is the library open?
The opening hours see.

Is it possible to enrich the library collections at a user’s request? What steps shall I take?
All users of the UL can make suggestions for enriching the library collections but the content of the suggested document must be in coordination with the information profile of the library. He/she can notify the library in person, in writing, or by phone any time and to any librarian of the UL. The librarian responsible for the library acquisition will decide on the purchase of the document. See Contacts.

Can I devote textbooks or books to the library?
The UL accepts the donations but we reserve the privilege of handling the document according to our own decision if to include the document into the library collections or not.

I am finishing my studies and I need to have my Final Record signed – can you send it by post or mail to me?
Unfortunately this is not possible. You must come with the Final Record in person. It is also needed to have a student card in order to clear the SafeQ account (print, copy).

Can I buy the textbooks published by the University of Pardubice in the library?
No, this is not possible. Only the bookstore sells the textbooks – the entrance to the bookshop is round the corner (opposite the halls of residence).