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Can I use my notebook in the library? Is it possible to link to the Wi-Fi ? How?
You can use your notebook. You can enter the library with your notebook placed in one of the baskets that are ready in the entrance hall. You must place your bag, eventually rucksack, into one of the lockers.
Only a student (event. an employee) can link to the Wi-Fi. The instructions (also in English) are available here.

Can I as a public user use the Internet?
Yes, you can, we do not charge for the Internet. Usage of the 3 PCs in the firts row in study room on the 1st floor is limited for 2 hours per day only.

The public user cannot link to the Wi-Fi with the notebook; this net is designed for the university students and staff only.

Where can I find the list of the pre-paid databases?

How can I enter the pre-paid databases?
Simply click on the links in the above mentioned url.

Note: Access is limited to University IP addresses which means you can only access the databases from either within the university network (computers in the study rooms, in the library, a notebook linked to the university Wi-Fi, the dormitory net) or by connecting via VPN to the university network. Ask librarians for help.