Writefull's Academizer makes your informal language academic

24. 11. 2022

Dear colleagues, dear students, 

We would like to introduce a new Writefull widget: Writefull Academizer. 

Writefull has developed an AI model to convert informal language into academic language. Just insert a sentence written in informal English into Academizer, and it will rewrite it into academic English. The generated text is not only more formal but also fits better in an academic context. It is therefore ideal for writing theses or professional texts in English. 

Writefull Academizer is the fourth widget from Writefull. The others are Title Generator, Abstract Generator and Paraphraser. For more information about the widgets and the Writefull add-on, visit the University Library website: Writefull

If you are not comfortable with Writefull when working with professional text in English, we recommend you try the second tool that the University of Pardubice subscribes to, Grammarly. You can also find more information about it on the University Library website: Grammarly


Veronika Kolínová
University Library