How to Avoid Plagiarism: Student Handbook

29. 1. 2021

Dear students,

Karolinum Press, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, has published a guide "How to avoid plagiarism: student handbook". The handbook is available at We recommend downloading the eUPCE application for reading it on mobile devices (for free download go to Google Play, App Store or Windows Store).

In this handbook you’ll learn:

– how to formulate your own ideas,

– how to correctly reference different sources,

– what exactly constitutes plagiarism,

– how to avoid various forms of plagiarism,

– examples of (in)famous cases of plagiarism,

– three tips against plagiarism,

– and finally, some advice for avoiding time pressure.

Ing. Blanka Jankovská
Head of the University Library