How to Prevent Plagiarism in Student Work (handbook)

29. 1. 2021

Dear colleagues,

Karolinum Press, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, has published a guide "How to Prevent Plagiarism in Student Work". This guide is intended primarily for those academic staff who are supervisors (or opponents) of student work. The handbook is available at We recommend downloading the eUPCE application for reading it on mobile devices (for free download go to Google Play, App Store or Windows Store).

This handbook provide clear yet sufficiently comprehensive guidelines for situations that may arise in connection with plagiarism in the day-to-day academic routine. The handbook offers the opportunity to consider not only the aspects of originality in student work and how to explain the importance of source referencing to students and forms of plagiarism, but also how to recognise plagiarism and what software tools can be used for this purpose. Further, the handbook describes applying penalties for plagiarism and summarises the fundamental antiplagiarism advice from a teacher’s perspective into several practical pieces of advice.

A shorter version was created for students, which is also freely available in Czech and English at

Ing. Blanka Jankovská
Head of the University Library