Trial access to dtb STATISTA until the end of the year

6. 10. 2022

Dear users,

Until the end of this year, you have the opportunity to use a trial access to one of the world's largest statistical and market data platforms STATISTA.

Statista contains more than 1 million statistics, forecasts, documentation, reports and infographics. The platform combines economic data, consumer insights, polls and demographic trends.

Access is unrestricted from all PCs within the UPCE network and devices connected via Eduroam wi-fi, with one exception and that is the eCommerce Database - details below. For remote access, use a VPN connection and terminal server. You can also use remote access via direct Shibboleth link (in this case you don't need to install or setup anything).

Access to the eCommerce Database is possible only after entering the login and password, which will be sent to you by the head of the library Ms Blanka Jankovská ( The condition is to provide feedback after using the database.

Tutorials and webinars:

1. eCommerce insights |

The eCommerceDB provides detailed information for 28,000 stores in 57 countries, including detailed revenue analytics, competitor analysis, market development, marketing budget, and interesting KPIs, such as traffic, shipping providers, payment options, social media activity and many more.


2. GLOBAL CONSUMER SURVEY – Understand what drives consumers

-    1,700,000+ interviews
-    countries & territories
-    3.4bn.+ consumers represented
-    14,500+ international brands
-    50+ industries & topics

Draw insights on consumers from industries and markets worldwide. Covering the offline and online world, the Statista Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage. Compare global and regional trends in consumer behavior worldwide: The Global Consumer Survey is conducted in more than 55 countries and territories with up to 60,000 respondents per country and update. Discover more than 50 industries and topics from the online and offline world. From eCommerce to nutrition and smart home to travel, plus many more - collect a wealth of insights from the markets that are most important to you, with the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

3. COMPANY DB – Gain insights into over 60 million companies

Find relevant information on more than 60 million privately held and over 50,000 stock-listed companies worldwide. See the most important business information at a glance and get a grasp on industries. Statista provides company profiles with just one click. Get detailed information and instant access to over 20 KPIs.

-    Get deep insights – quick and easy
-    Key company metrics
-    Profitability and liquidity metrics
-    Stock perfomance metrics


Blanka Jankovská
Head of the University Library of the UPCE